All pets are very welcome guests at Sieraków Manor

Pets at the Manor

As you know, dogs and cats are great companions, not only in life, but also while travelling. Sieraków Manor is certainly a friendly place for your pet, as we understand perfectly how important they are to you, and we are happy to welcome them across our threshold. So, if you love animals as we do, Sieraków Manor is the perfect choice.

A Stay at the Manor

Dogs and cats are welcomed with a biscuit, while in the room are waiting a comfortable bed, bowls of water and savoury snacks. The manor’s location will allow your pet the freedom to have fun, run or sleep to their heart’s desire. All pets are very welcome at Sieraków Manor, and they will feel at home in the surroundings. Of course, there is no shortage of places for long walks and everyday fun.

Dogosfer Certificate

Extract from the page, on our dedication to pets:

“Many times we sought places where we could go with our four-legged friends. Unfortunately, finding such a place is not easy, so we decided to list on our portal those establishments that welcome dogs while also meeting certain requirements”. Sieraków Manor was certified as a “dog-friendly place” in 2015.


If you stay with us for at least three days,
we will treat your four-legged friend free of charge.

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