The culinary concept is about combining tradition and modernity, polish and foreign flavours, and cooking healthy, balanced food that is also tasty and abundant. Use only fresh and local ingredients. Herbs from our own garden, mushrooms from the surrounding forests, fruit from nearby orchards… as conceived by the chef at Sieraków Manor.


It took us a long time to find suppliers to the Manor. Today we are pleased to introduce you to the most important of them:

  • Smoked meats are provided to us by Wolarek and Płatek, family producers from nearby Liszek
  • Eggs are sourced from laying hens at a farm in Raciechowice
  • We buy meat from Jędruś Pogoda, a small butcher in Kraków supplied by smallholders and breeders
  • Fish come from Dobczyce Lake, the cleanest water reservoir in Małopolska or from the fish ponds in Siedlce
  • Snails, fed exclusively on farm produce, are provided to us by a small organic farm in nearby Winiary
  • Coffee comes from fairly traded crops in Brazil and Kenya. It is supplied via the Pożegnanie z Afryką chain, which has roasting facilities a few kilometres from the Manor, thus guaranteeing that our coffee is always fresh.
  • Wine is personally selected by the hosts, from the wineries of Europe and the New World. The basic wine menu has a selection of 20 wines. In addition, there is a wine cellar menu, where you can find more than 300 varieties, many of which are available exclusively from us.
  • Spirits at the Manor include four vodkas produced according to our own recipes, whiskey from Edradour Distillery, the smallest in Scotland, and others from small producers. The list of spirits is not long, but certainly original, and contains items unavailable elsewhere. All wines and spirits are provided by Dom Wina, a company with a 20-year tradition.
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