Each alcoholic drink has many nuances

Which you need to know a little about and sample under the right conditions in order to appreciate. That is precisely why we have our Whiskey Bar club…

We conduct the following tastings:


More than 40 varieties of Scotch whiskey are available at the Whiskey Bar. You can opt for a vertical or horizontal tasting, including Jura, Dalmore Worldt, Tomatin, Edradauer different casks, Ballechin, different blends and many more…

Degustacja alkoholi

Vodkas at Sieraków Manor

We encourage you to sample vodkas based on the old małopolska recipe that is linked with the sieraków lands. Vodka can be sampled at any time, whether in the restaurant, on the terrace, in the evening in the Whiskey Bar, or while relaxing in the bathtub… for this tasting, four glasses (20ml each) of Sieraków Manor vodkas are served. These are: Sieraków Manor Superior Vodka, Black Lilac Vodka, Pepper Vodka, and Barrel Vodka. Cost: PLN 25/person

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