Workshops prepared by the editorial staff of Czas Wina magazine offer training for both hobbyists and those who are professionally associated with wine. The wide selection of courses available for the coming year means there is something for everyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge and have fun at the same time.

Wine Basic

We invite you to a weekend course, where beginner wine enthusiasts will find out about the winemaking process, and what affects the taste and quality of wine. Course leaders will demonstrate the correct way to open a bottle, conditions for wine storage, and how to match wine to food. Classes are run by Czas Wina editors Wojciech Giebuta and Michał Bardel, jurors of international wine competitions.

Wine Workshop

Designed for companies, restaurants or groups of friends and acquaintances. Workshops include: tasting lessons, matching wines to food, and wine selection in the restaurant.

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