Sieraków Manor kitchen is a combination of old and new

We seek out traditional recipes and interpret them anew.

Attention to detail

In the kitchen we take care that our cooking is consistent with modern dietary trends: low fat, low sugar, and low salt.


Cooking starts from the moment you buy ingredients, and they must be the best. We seek local producers who are able to provide us with the highest quality produce, whether it be meat, fish, vegetables or fruit. We do not take short cuts. We only cook using healthy ingredients, without flavour enhancers, powders or gels.


We cook traditionally, but bring to this all our modern knowledge.


We change the menu four times a year, as the seasons change - because the clock and the calendar set the menu at Sieraków Manor.

Restaurant opening hours

Restaurant opening hours: we welcome you daily, from 13:00 to 21:00.


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